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is a writer and journalist living in Massachusetts with her husband and many dogs. She's also lived in New York and Seattle.


She has written essays and criticism for The New Republic, The Nation, LARB, LitHub, Brooklyn Magazine, Pacific Standard, Hazlitt, MEL, Hyperallergic, Ploughshares, Electric Literature, and elsewhere. She is interested in literature, the arts, place and space, sex and gender, medicine and healthcare, and the beautiful game, among other subjects.


She is also a cofounder and former editor of The New Inquiry.  

You can contact her at jennifer.r.bernstein [at], or find her on Twitter and Instagram.



Edith Wharton's Ghosts (February 16, 2022) / Boston Review

Beauford Delaney and James Baldwin: Through the Strange Door (March 12, 2020) / Burnaway


The Summer Book You Should Read in Winter (February 25, 2020) / Electric Literature


The Stories We Don't Need to Hear About Doctors and the Ones We Do (February 6, 2020) / The Nation


Aponte Forever: "Art and Black Freedom" in Nashville (January 24, 2020) / Burnaway


Andre Aciman's Dance to the Music of Time (December 5, 2019) / The New Republic

In Search of Absence in Antarctica (June 19, 2019) / Hazlitt

A Meditation on the Ineffable Grandeur of Churches (April 26, 2017) / Hyperallergic

On the Enduring Appeal of the Bildungsroman (March 8, 2017) / Ploughshares

People of the Book: Jewish Lessons in Reading (December 6, 2016) / Ploughshares

Moments in the Rose-Garden: The Literature of Stillness (October 18, 2016) / Ploughshares

The Poetics of Madness: Reading and Writing Mental Illness (September 15, 2016) / Ploughshares

Go West, Young Man: America and the Literature of Place (August 23, 2016) / Ploughshares

A Better Way of Talking About Beauty (August 19, 2016) / Pacific Standard

Readers in Exile: The Elsewheres of Andre Aciman (July 26, 2016) / Ploughshares

Between Eternity and Time (June 24, 2016) / The Los Angeles Review of Books

Why Literature Needs Psychology (May 2, 2016) / Literary Hub

What if Seattle Is Just Not a World Class City of Literature? (February 1, 2016) / The Stranger

A Cruel Mistress (August 24, 2015) / The Seattle Review of Books

Harry Potter, Teen Idol (July 2011) / The Daily

Lady Gaga: Fame Over (April 2010) / PopMatters

Nonsense and New Sensibility / The New Inquiry

Reading and the Pleasures of Domination / The New Inquiry

Writing About the Past and the Trick of Memory / The New Inquiry

Therapy and the Idea of the Love Cure / The New Inquiry

Inquiring Minds / The New Inquiry


Private Insurance Hurts Pharmacists, Too (March 25, 2020) / The Nation

Tennessee's Chemical Castration Bill Shows Local Republicans Have One Thing on Their Minds (January 29, 2020) / The Nation

What DNR Really Means (January 7, 2020) / Considerable

Tennessee Is a Guinea Pig for Frightening New Medicaid Experiments (November 5, 2019) / The Nation


Washington's Struggling Medical Residents Need a Raise (October 9, 2019) / The Nation


Resident Wellness Is a Lie: Part 1 (February 18, 2019) / In-House

Part 2 (March 8, 2019)

Part 3 (April 24, 2019)

The Everyday Magic of Scrubs (June 13, 2017) / Racked

The Surgical Resident Life (January 17, 2017) / Catapult


I Only Felt at Home Once My Home Disappeared (May 14, 2020) / Curbed

How to Celebrate Passover During a Pandemic (April 3, 2020) / BuzzFeed Reader

First the Tornado Hit--Then the Coronavirus (March 17, 2020) / BuzzFeed Reader

The Best $29.95 I Ever Spent: A Lumbar Pillow (March 17, 2020) / The Goods by Vox

Essential Gear for a Cruise to Antarctica (March 15, 2020) / Input Magazine

Your Boss Is Not Your Friend (January 14, 2020) / Forge

What Does an Engagement Ring Really Mean? (July 3, 2019) / The Goods by Vox

A Cigar on the Roof with You (June 25, 2019) / Gay Magazine

Notes on the Psychodrama at Arsenal (March 27, 2017) / Eephus Magazine

How Do We Learn to Forgive Our Fathers? (December 13, 2016) / MEL Magazine

The Life of the Party (October 31, 2016) / Essentialist

Welcome to League D (June 2, 2016) / Eephus Magazine

I Was Wrong (April 15, 2016) / Brooklyn Magazine

00CC33 (March 18, 2016) / WebSafe2k16

The Best Time I Called in to a Radio Advice Show (March 2012) / The Hairpin


2019. Opioid-Free Anesthesia for Open-Heart Surgery Using Pectoral Fascia Blocks: A 19-Patient Case Series. Poster presented at ASRA: April 12, 2019; Las Vegas, NV.

2018. A Simulation Study to Evaluate Improvements in Anesthesia Work Environment Contamination After Implementation of an Infection Prevention Bundle. Anesthesia & Analgesia, 127(3), 662-670.

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